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(Yashica) Scoping around…

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013




all taken in 1.5 anamorphic 3:2 stretched by 1.5 to give 2.25:1 aspect ratio.

I recently got myself a Yashica Scope anamorphotic lens. This little gem was originally intended for use with the Yashica 8T2 8mm film camera. I did my first experiments with anamorphotic lenses with an Isco Göttingen Anamorphotic Kiptar which is a lens intended for 36mm film projectors. The Kiptar is a factor 2 anamopthot meaning that the image gets squeezed by a factor 2 horizontally (the lens itself is oblivious to the orientation and in fact the Kiptar was ment to stretch the image by factor 2 for projection) which gives with the now usual 16 : 9 recording format (1 : 1.77) a very wide 1 : 3.55 aspect ratio. Though I do like this extra wide format it is sort of unusual and often one wants to crop to the “regular” modern cinemascope 1 : 2.35.

This will be a rather long post (at least for this site).


way of the tentacle

Friday, March 8th, 2013

way of the tentacle

critter under the couch

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Critter from under the couch

blender now supports hair in its cycles render engine.

Here is a video of the little critter from under ouch couch: