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Evaluation results

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

got my teaching evaluation

  1. hat: priceless*
  2. new hair cut**: 11€
  3. orange jacket: fashionable (Hornbach, 20€)
  4. numbers: underrepresented – should use more of them (maybe labeling the lemmas?)
  5. oral ability: repeats things, slightly confused, generally o.k. (but should shut up while erasing the black board) – 1,72€***
  6. handwriting: FAIL – but hey: it’s for free!
  7. content: too abstract. Price: could probably be estimated by a maximum likelihood estimation for the nonlinear rational expectations asset pricing model…
  8. script: secret treasure – at least it’s existence is still a secret to some…
  9. special way to tie shoes ****: pays off in the long run…

*although at central station I was offered 100€ for it recently…
**They mentioned that!
***This is what I found in my hat at the lecture hall exit after class last Wednesday.
****They mentioned that as well! But this is an elaborate way for easily getting rid of the footwear when sitting in a train, really.