Evaluation results

January 27th, 2011

got my teaching evaluation

  1. hat: priceless*
  2. new hair cut**: 11€
  3. orange jacket: fashionable (Hornbach, 20€)
  4. numbers: underrepresented – should use more of them (maybe labeling the lemmas?)
  5. oral ability: repeats things, slightly confused, generally o.k. (but should shut up while erasing the black board) – 1,72€***
  6. handwriting: FAIL – but hey: it’s for free!
  7. content: too abstract. Price: could probably be estimated by a maximum likelihood estimation for the nonlinear rational expectations asset pricing model…
  8. script: secret treasure – at least it’s existence is still a secret to some…
  9. special way to tie shoes ****: pays off in the long run…

*although at central station I was offered 100€ for it recently…
**They mentioned that!
***This is what I found in my hat at the lecture hall exit after class last Wednesday.
****They mentioned that as well! But this is an elaborate way for easily getting rid of the footwear when sitting in a train, really.

4 Responses to “Evaluation results”

  1. Jochen Fummel Says:

    Prof Hoffmann you became my instant hero. Dude, just for the Twitter-Posts one has to celebrate you. Alpha-Blending, Calcums, Euclidean space and n-dimensional vector spaces are simply not everyones day-to-day business. Anyhow your comments are the only way for me to scrape through the one-sided life of mathematics every day. I am your fan and the orange Jacket is awesome. Either way it imparts me the knowledge which subject I’m currently listening to(also in case of drinking all night long).

    Cut the long story short: I’m glad I dipped my pen in your Inc.

    If (you mention my Name during the next lecture)
    I may understand the characteristic polynomial;
    return sleeping;

    Your Dude

    Jochen Fummel

  2. timh Says:

    Sorry, doesn’t compile :)


  3. Natalie Struve Says:

    Giv’em some variety:

  4. Tim Hoffman Fanboy Says:

    Tim Hoffman ur da BEST!

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